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Stuff I've bought on eBay

  • Flectalux 1000w continuous lamp
    I was looking for studio lighting and this came up. I got it for £1. It's basicallt a 1000W halogen mounted onto a flash stlye handle and will be perfect for lighting inside, and outside, my light box.

CD's I've bought recently

  • Fall Out Boy -

    Fall Out Boy: From Under The Cork Tree
    Me and Claire were watching some music TV and saw the video for FOB's "Sugar, we're going down". It was weird and we liked it so I bought the CD. It's Punky pop, I think it's called EMO whatever that means. A bit like a younger more serious Bowling for soup. I like it though.

  • Art Garfunkel: Breakaway
    A classic album which was played over and over by our church youth group lads. My copy has died and being as though I'm in the middle of transfering everything to computer I just had to replace it.
  • Metallica: Garage Inc.
    I bought this to replace my copies of $5.98 EP and the Creeping death 12" both which were on tape. It's a collection of the covers Metallica have done over the years.


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